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Tournament Details


Our 8U Coach Pitch,9U, 10U, & 11U Tournament is held in the small village of Ortonville, Michigan. A "baseball diamond" in the rough geared toward Home Run baseball.  With fences at just 170' (130' 8U), short backstops and great competition it is sure to make for some exciting baseball. 

There is nothing that defines youth baseball like that late spring tournament. Teams have been working hard all winter, played a scrimmage or two or perhaps the first couple league games but you are now ready to put it all out there!  The Under the Lights Homerun Extravaganza is the ideal tournament to accomplish just that! With affordable entry fees, multiple umpires per game (10U&11U), real trophies, and superb competition it is sure to be a crowd pleaser where the players will have an absolute blast!

Not everyone will play under the lights but there will be a handful of games that take place under the lights including ALL Championship games. Even without the lights, the 170’ fences (9U&10U) and 130’ fences (8U) it insures a few HR blasts to give the kids that Big League feel!


About the Area:

Ortonville, Michigan is nestled in-between all of the big city bustles. Just minutes from Clarkston, Davison, Grand Blanc, and Holly it contains its own unique atmosphere with a verity of entertainment. It has numerous dining options which can be found in our sponsors section on this website. If you are traveling in from outside the area you can also find some sponsoring hotels which can accommodate you in the nearby towns.

We hope you choose the "Under The Lights Home Run Extravaganza" as your Memorial Weekend Tournament. It will not disappoint!

" By far the best tournament we play every year! "

                                                                          - 2018 Participant

"I have been going to baseball tournaments for 12 years now as my children continue to play this excellent game. This was at the very top of the list for Fun, Excitment and for setting. Just an excellent setting tucked into the small town of Ortonville with fields that are well taken care of and Lighted, (How cool). This was also incredibly organized and followed through properly. Coach Bo did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend this tournament to anyone looking for a great weekend."

                                                                            - 2014 Participant & Spectator

"Loved the home town feeling, it's a nice safe location and being under the lights was awesome for the boys...I think the parents liked it even more. We'll be back for more All American Baseball."

                                                                            - 2014 Participant & Spectator

8U Coach Pitch - "Absolutely one of the most fun tournaments we ever played in! Kids have been talking about all the amazing hits, plays and walk-offs. Kids are all smiles even a week later. Thanks for all the fun!!

                                                                          - Coach Jeff - 8U Orion Chargers

"2022 was the best year yet, even with all the rain!"

                                                                          - 2022 Participant

Field Maps

Little League Baseball Game
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